Aspiring Entrepreneur. Interest: Community Service, The Beauty World, and Family.

Where have i been???


Above, I was recently appointed the Vice President of Samar Brown’s business, M.A.D.E (Making a difference everywhere) Capital Corporation. It really shocked me, but I am very happy. Here I am accepting stock in his business.

As apart of MADE I can sell stock of the business, help other businesses make money with financial advisment, and I will be able to sell commercial/business space. Let me known is you need anything of this sort by emailing

I hope not to disappoint and that I can handle the position.

I tried doing, yet, another retail job. This didn’t work. Not only was I carrying too much on my plate (life, school, my business, and this schedeled-whenerver-they- need- you-type-job), but i couldn’t handle all of the stress. I took a break and decided for real what i want out of life.

Since I’m in school and I have been paying out of pocket, I want to finish my engineering degree and then go back to school for textiles and design and minor in cosmetology and/or some skin care type program. I hope i get to go to a school where i can make my own curriculum (like at brown university).

While in school I will be continuing my business making sustainable bags and trying to come up with a organic/natural cosmetic line.

View some of my bags here >>> Brook Bags 

I also do light seamstress work for affordable prices.

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