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Amoni B defines what it means to patronize. She believes it is a given to patronize those you know, however many disagree. Amoni provides examples from her own life experiences, and questions the audience about how they feel supporting people they know. What do you think?

Brooklyn born Amoni B is a socially responsible CUNY SPS business student and court employee. She founded Vive Entertainment Enterprises, Brooklyn Multi-Service Community Center, Corp., a tax exempt 501c3 nonprofit, and Brown-Pugh Daughters & Sons LLC, a real estate investment group, all to benefit her community in East New York. Amoni B is an alumna and former employee of City Tech, holding an Associate of Applied Science in Electromechanical Engineering Technology and a Certificate in Interactive Media Technology. She writes children books, and published technical writings, poetry and plays. She is a mentor, consultant, certified notary, commercial driver, and realtor. Her mission is to promote…

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Where have i been???


Above, I was recently appointed the Vice President of Samar Brown’s business, M.A.D.E (Making a difference everywhere) Capital Corporation. It really shocked me, but I am very happy. Here I am accepting stock in his business.

As apart of MADE I can sell stock of the business, help other businesses make money with financial advisment, and I will be able to sell commercial/business space. Let me known is you need anything of this sort by emailing

I hope not to disappoint and that I can handle the position.

I tried doing, yet, another retail job. This didn’t work. Not only was I carrying too much on my plate (life, school, my business, and this schedeled-whenerver-they- need- you-type-job), but i couldn’t handle all of the stress. I took a break and decided for real what i want out of life.

Since I’m in school and I have been paying out of pocket, I want to finish my engineering degree and then go back to school for textiles and design and minor in cosmetology and/or some skin care type program. I hope i get to go to a school where i can make my own curriculum (like at brown university).

While in school I will be continuing my business making sustainable bags and trying to come up with a organic/natural cosmetic line.

View some of my bags here >>> Brook Bags 

I also do light seamstress work for affordable prices.

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A fonominal women by the name of Erin Ingleton will be conducting my first interview. She is also a lady of the fashion world who is interested in fashion, beauty and entertainment and the arts.
Not only has she traveled across sees to London and wrote of her exploits but she, too, has a wonderful blog.

check her out at

And yes hopefully she will be able to give a bio and list of her accomplishments and goals soon.


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I am gradually switching my sites to word press.

I would love for my beauty blog to stay on blogger but i want to make wordpress my main site.

On word press i would discuss everything and have pages for many topics. i would also like to use wordpresss as an ecommerce site when i start selling my cosmetics and bags.

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